What the Bioethics Discussion Group is thankful for this year

  1. All in attendance.
  2. All the wonderful researchers in biomedical engineering and all the opportunities and all the big brains readily available to me.
  3. My family and young faculty members.
  4. My friends and family and all the opportunities I’ve had.
  5. I’m flying out to Florida tomorrow.
  6. That I get to come back still and participate in these discussion.
  7. The ability to be here and have this discussion.
  8. My canceled class tomorrow morning at 8:30.
  9. Get to go home to California tomorrow.
  10. There’s no class tomorrow.
  11. My family.
  12. My friends and family.
  13. [Name of loved one.]
  14. My dog.
  15. Get to go home tomorrow.
  16. Get to go home tomorrow.
  17. My family.
  18. [Nothing stated.]
  19. The animals I get to use in my research.
  20. Not having class at all tomorrow.
  21. The pizza.
  22. Bioethics.
  23. Get to go home.
  24. My friends and family.
  25. Going back home to Chicago tomorrow.
  26. Going home tomorrow.
  27. Going to my first Lions game tomorrow.
  28. My dog and my cat.
  29. These discussions.
  30. The Bioethics Discussion Group.
  31. Barry for putting this together.