We’re going to be trying something new in BIOMEDE 211

A Github for your perusal.

A first draft:



\section{How can I print off and use this document?}
Frankly, in just about any way that’s useful to you. I am going to try something here, where I will try to make more or less the entirety of the notes associated with the Winter 2019 semester of BIOMEDE 211, ”Circuits, Systems, and Signals in Biomedical Engineering”, to you, dear reader.
Please don’t plagiarize this. If you were raised right, you ought to know what that is. If you’d like my judgment on any sort of action, my opinions can be laid bare.
The first assignment I am giving you (worth 4\% of your grade and which must be completed by the end of the semester) is to figure out where this document is located online, download it, print it off, sign your name to it, and get it to me. If you know who I am, I would expect a competent engineer to find that without much to-do about it. Start with Google, go from there. Further, for those in the class, BIOMEDE 211, Winter 2019, you must join Github and make at least four substantive contributions to this repository. The term all you engineers (and lawyers) can’t wait to parse is “substantive” to which I will always enter a judgment which I deem final in this class, and I am ever in favor of beneficence over stricture. So, just help out the class in a way you think is helpful and watch those around you do the same. Failure to contribute to this living document by the end of the semester for those in this class will result in a loss of up to 4\% of one’s total grade outright.

\section{On the first day, we will introduce ourselves.}




\chapter{I. Potential, current, energy, conservation}