Universal Healthcare Group

Every week from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. the future of healthcare will be discussed over lunch. Please join in if you can.


Year 1. The Foundations of.

09/12/2019. Needs, or: Emphasizing “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

09/19/2019. Wants, or: Desiring health/care.

09/26/2019. Rights, or: Owing to our nature, what nature owes us.

10/03/2019. Laws, or: Drawing the boundaries of health/care. 

10/10/2019. Taxes, or: Spreading the wealth, spreading the health.

10/17/2019. Distributions of persons and resources, or: Assessing the reality of the situation. 

10/24/2019. Infrastructures, or: Optimizing the reality of the situation.

10/31/2019. Security of persons and resources, or: Protecting ourselves and others.

11/07/2019. Security of infrastructures, or: Protecting what protects us.

11/14/2019. Health records, or: Tracking our biomedical histories.

11/21/2019. Incidents and their consequences, or: What comes of harm?

12/05/2019. Justice, or: Applying tenets to all, for all, by all.

12/12/2019. A murderboard, or: A proposal.


Year 2. The ABCs of.

01/16/2020. Access.

01/23/2020. Barriers, bottlenecks, burdens, and bureaucracies.

01/30/2020. Coverage.

02/06/2020. Digital health.

02/13/2020. Economics.

02/20/2020. Follow-on care.

02/27/2020. Gifts.

03/12/2020. Hospitals.

03/19/2020. Infants.

03/26/2020. Joint coverage.

04/02/2020. Kids.

04/09/2020. Later stages in life.

04/16/2020. Maternal care.

04/23/2020. Needs.

09/10/2020. Obamacare and its (re)vision.

09/17/2020. Policy.

09/24/2020. Quality of life, quality of care.

10/01/2020. Reviewing other systems.

10/08/2020. Socialization.

10/15/2020. Taxes.

10/22/2020. Universalization.

10/29/2020. Violence.

11/05/2020. Working hours.

11/12/2020. Xenophobia.

11/19/2020. You.

12/04/2020. Zeal.