Triumphant hearts, triumphant people

One of my true heroes in life is a man named Jason Becker. In my opinion, he is the greatest guitarist to have yet lived. He has lived with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis for over two decades now, being unable to speak or move on his own. Yet, through sheer will, ingenuity, and the undying spirit of true humanity, Jason Becker has continued to compose music. His latest album, Triumphant Hearts, was recently released and it is beautiful. To give you but a sample, I share below the official video of “Hold On To Love”, the second track on the album in which a portion of the lyrics sung address Becker’s biomedical condition:

You ask me this question
Due to my unfortunate fate:
How can you carry on
Without feeling hate?
Love brings light to the darkness inside.
Love’s the voice that sings: Hold on!