To the person who just said to me not more than an hour ago

…that they “do not care about students” when writing letters of recommendation on their behalf and that they “do not need a legitimate reason” not to write one for an otherwise well-qualified student, please do consider reading the Committee for Civil Rights and Liberties statement on the matter pasted below:

If a faculty member is generally willing to write letters of recommendation for a particular student, the faculty member should not decline to write a letter for that student on the ground that the faculty member has a personal, moral, or political objection against the intended recipient of the letter, so long as the intended recipient is a bona fide person or organization providing the kind of placement the student seeks. The faculty member may disclose her/his objection to the student but should also tell the student that she/he is willing to write a letter to the intended recipient if the student still wishes the faculty member to do so after hearing the objection.

All this to say, do not seek to be capricious, do not aspire to be fickle: if you think a student is well-qualified, and you otherwise would advocate on their behalf, say so. Do not punish a student because their desired path in life is not one you would personally ascribe to.