This Class: BIOMEDE 211, Winter 2018

Asked on a final exam, “6. (15 points) In as much detail as you can muster, describe what each of the following words means to you. Give a sense of their individual/collective importance and relevance to our field of study.” Below are the answers provided by students for subpart “o. This class.”

This class:

  1. This class really opened my eyes to the field and confirmed that this is something I want to do. It was a very well taught course and I learned so much over one semester.
  2. This class began as just another class I needed for my major, but ended up being a great motivator for me to further my knowledge of circuits and electronics.
  3. Prior to this class I was very insecure with my knowledge of electrical components. Fortunately, I had a fantastic time during lecture and this class has been my favorite college course by a long shot.
  4. Your typical circuits class + experience learning most of what the tech we’ll be working with in the future.
  5. This class is an introduction to circuitry and how it relates to Biomedical Engineering. This class has taught me to take logical steps toward finding solutions.
  6. This class has help me to learn as much as possible in the realm of introductory biomedical circuits and systems.
  7. HARD!!!… But fun. 🙂
  8. The purpose of this class is to teach me enough about circuits, systems, and signals so that I can apply that info to the design of medical devices and/or the study of the human body.
  9. This class was fun! It is important in knowing the world and those around me.
  10. This class: safe space to think critically about how different aspects of circuitry are applicable to our careers as biomedical engineers.
  11. Hard, but very informative. Great teacher!
  12. This class made me never want to look at a circuit on paper again.
  13. Taught, enabled, and inspired me to do more work, harder, and challenge myself.
  14. Difficult but very relevant/important to my field of study.
  15. This class has shown me a glimpse of how challenging and fun circuits can be in applications of human biology and just general modeling.
  16. This class is a fruitful experience for me. I took this class to get a sense of what biomedical engineering is like. I thought it would be similar to EE classes with a little bit of biology knowledge, but now I realize it’s much more than that. This is way harder than EE!!
  17. This class has helped me to understand how important and complicated circuits are within biomedical engineering. There is a lot to consider when dealing with the design of mechanism for the human body that are different from the characteristics of everyday technology.
  18. Love it.
  19. A good intro to circuits and provides a small peak into how it is used for biomedical engineering. Definitely good to be exposed to this and the background helps build confidence in students so we can kind of feel like we know something!
  20. This class: a thorough introduction to circuits and electronics that covered basic elements of circuits, how to analyze circuits, and op amps, a bit of digital circuitry, and a whole lot more.
  21. Despite my performance on this exam, I feel as if I am able to take away a lot from this class. I find these questions to be very difficult to me, but I still understand the lectures and concepts well. This is what’s XXX for me to see, and I know that in the future in my field of study, I will be able to apply this knowledge still.
  22. I see this class as one that I dreaded taking, but I’m glad that I made it through okay, because as Belmont said, I know more about circuits and electronics than about 99% of the other people on this earth, and that’s pretty cool. I think circuits are an important thing for me (a BME) to learn and understand, because our bodies are comprised of many circuits and systems.
  23. Difficult, but you learn a lot of cool things that are applicable in your everyday life that many people are unaware of. Very valuable.
  24. An excellent introduction into what circuitry is, and how the principles therein can be used to model non-electrical systems.
  25. This class was my intro circuits course which will have prepared me for problems I need to solve later down the line.
  26. Much more fun than I thought it was going to be.
  27. I’ve enjoyed this class.
  28. Enjoyed hearing you lecture. Can’t wait for next year and 241. You may have influenced me to do bioelectrics (not sure though).
  29. Excellent – I appreciate the philosophy of this class and have learned a lot.
  30. Really really hard but learned so much and enjoyed coming to class every Tues/Thurs.
  31. Fun learning experience.
  32. This class is one step of many, a way to accumulate the knowledge I need to devise methods to push human regeneration capabilities to the point we can become immortal. (We can decide to end our life. On our own terms.)
  33. A challenge by interesting
  34. I very much enjoyed this class as an electrical engineer interested in all the inventiveness on the greatest machine that biomeds do.