Their names

Tom Bagley, a retired firefighter

Kristen Beaton, a continuing care assistant

Greg Blair &

Jamie Blair, survived by their two children

Joy Bond &

Peter Bond, began their 40+ years of marriage at a sardine plant

Corrie Ellison, a social-services worker

Gina Goulet, a denturist

Dawn Gulenchyn, a wife

Frank Gulenchyn, a husband

Lillian Hyslop,”a quiet and, overall, very nice lady”

Alanna Jenkins, a correctional manager

Lisa McCully, an elementary school teacher

Sean McLeod, a correctional manager

Heather O’Brien, a licensed practical nurse

Jolene Oliver, a hospitality worker

Heidi Stevenson, a mother of two

Elizabeth Joanne Thomas, head of the “Laundry Project”, a nonprofit group that helps people in need have clean laundry

Aaron Tuck, a mechanic

Emily Tuck, a daughter

Joey Webber, a logger at a local pulp mill

John Zahl, “the smartest man I knew”