Their names

Laquita C. Brown, Right-of-Way Agent for four years

Ryan Keith Cox worked as an account clerk in the same division for almost 13 years

Tara Welch Gallagher, an engineer for six years

Mary Louise Gayle, Right-of-Way agent for over 24 years  

Alexander Mikhail Gusev, Right-of-Way agent for nine years 

Joshua A. Hardy, an engineering technician with Public Utilities for over four years

Michelle “Missy” Langer, an administrative assistant with the Public Utilities division for 12 years

Richard H. Nettleton, an engineer with Public Utilities for 28 years

Katherine A. Nixon, an engineer with Public Utilities for 10 years

Christopher Kelly Rapp, an engineer with the Public Works for 11 months

Herbert Snelling, a contractor from Virginia Beach

Robert “Bobby” Williams, a Public Utilities Special Projects Coordinator for 41 years.