The names of journalists killed in 2020

Safaa Ghali, killed in Iraq, January 10

Ahmed Abdul Samad, killed in Iraq, January 10

Amjad Anas Aktalati, caught in crossfire in Syria, February 4

Lourenço Veras, murdered in Paraguay, February 12

Abdiwali Ali Hassan, murdered in Somalia, February 16

Abdul Nasser Haj Hamdan, caught in crossfire in Syria, February 20

Maria Elena Ferral Hernández, murdered in Mexico, March 30

Jorge Miguel Armenia Ávalos, murdered in Mexico, May 16

Rex Cornelio Pepino, murdered in Philippines, May 20

Shafiq Amiri, murdered in Afghanistan, May 30

Mir Wahed Shah, murdered in Afghanistan, May 30

Nabil Hasan al-Quaety, murdered in Yemen, June 2

Shubham Mani Tripathi, murdered in India, June 19

Christoff Griffith, killed in Barbados, June 22

German Vallecillo Jr., murdered in Honduras, July 1

Pablo Morrugares Parraguirre, murdered in Mexico, August 2

José Abelardo Liz, killed in Colombia, August 13

Julio Valdivia, murdered in Mexico, September 9

Jobert Bercasio, murdered in Philippines, September 14

Luis Alonzo Almendares, murdered in Honduras, September 27

Iliyas Hossain, murdered in Bangladesh, October 11

Rasheed Bakr, killed in Syria, October 26

Onifade Emmanuel Pelumi, killed in Nigeria, October 30

Israel Vázquez Rangel, killed in Mexico, November 9

Virgilio Maganes, murdered in Philippines, November 10

Elyas Dayee, murdered in Afghanistan, November 12

Rakesh Singh, murdered in India, November 28

Malalai Maiwand, murdered in Afghanistan, December 10

Hussein Khattab, murdered in Syria, December 12

Roohollah Zam, murdered in Iran, December 12

Rahmatullah Nikzad, murdered in Afghanistan, December 21