The first BIOMEDE 458 lab assignment, a draft

  1. Figure out a way to copy this document. You are going to be turning it in. Write your name in the very top right corner. Failure to do so, I’m sorry to say, will result in a total loss of points. Put your name on everything you want credit for.
  2. Spontaneously form into groups of exactly four. Yes, exactly four. Before you leave this lab session, sign your names, preferred contact information, and uniqnames to this piece of paper and give it to an instructor.
  3. Go to the Hospital (variously called, “Michigan Medicine University of Michigan”, “University of Michigan Hospital”, and “University Hospital”).
  4. Tell me what the University of Michigan Health System is and tell me how you factor into it previously, currently, or might, however indirectly, in the future.
  5. If you wanted to find some clinical engineers in the Hospital, where would they be?
  6. Go find someone in the Hospital to talk to and talk to them about a medical device. Record your thoughts, however unvarnished, and share them.
  7. Locate a medical device in a medical hall (not attached to any patient) and someone to talk to about it. What do they think could be improved about it? And/or, more negatively, what don’t they like about the current device?
  8. Tell me how someone entering the Hospital unconscious and having no way of determining their identity, would get from the Resus Bay to the General Ward.
  9. Do at least one complete walk around theHospital (without going into any sensitive patient areas; if you have any questions, please ask first). Tell me what you saw on that loop around the building.
  10. This is kind of an experimental assignment. Tell me what you thought about it.