VG 100, Summer 2018



Date Topic Due i S
15-May An introduction to engineering      
17-May Introduction to Technical Communication      
22-May “Solving” differential equations      
24-May Audience; Writing a Proposal      
29-May Actual circuits and why they work that way      
31-May Writing the Heading, Foreword, and Summary Homework I 5 5
5-Jun Electricity      
7-Jun Writing the Project Proposal      
12-Jun Creating Figures and Tables Quiz 1 & 2 15 20
14-Jun Project Part A Project Demo 1 10 30
19-Jun Interfaces and materials      
21-Jun Writing Experimental Procedures Homework II 5 35
25-Jun Writing the Findings and Conclusions Quiz 3 5 40
26-Jun Mechanics      
28-Jun Technical Arguments Progress Report 1 5 45
2-Jul An exercise with intellectual property      
3-Jul Chemistry      
5-Jul Presenting Technical Information Homework III 5 50
9-Jul Sentence and Idea Combining      
10-Jul A “murder board”      
12-Jul Presentations Presentation 1; Progress Report 2 10 60
16-Jul Presentations      
17-Jul Manufacturing       
19-Jul Peer Review of Progress Reports Homework IV 5 65
23-Jul Sustainability      
24-Jul Infrastructure      
26-Jul Presentations Presentation 2 5 70
31-Jul Presentations Progress Report 3 10 80
2-Aug Ethics in Engineering      
7-Aug A philosophy of engineering Participation 5 85
8-Aug Design Expo; Project Part B Project Demo 2 15 100



The Design Expo


Class playlist

  1. This is America” by Childish Gambuno
  2. Wait For It” by Lin Manuel Miranda
  3. The Life You Save May Be Your Own” by Beat Circus
  4. The Hands That Thieve” by Streetlight Manifesto
  5. Viva La Persistence” by Kimya Dawson
  6. Legend” by The Score
  7. Lost in the World” by Kanye West
  8. Knucklehugs (Arm Yourself With Love)” by Diablo Swing Orchestra
  9. Nevada City Serenade” by Mischief Brew
  10. Belmont” by Blackbird Raum
  11. Seneca Falls” by The Distillers
  12. Your Country” by Gogol Bordello
  13. Things That Stop You Dreaming” by Passenger
  14. Lean-To” by O’Death