Racial disparities in life-threatening birth experiences

A new study from the University of Michigan’s own Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation examining millions of births in the United States finds higher rates of dangerous delivery-related conditions in mothers of color than in their non-“of color” counterparts. The study, published in Obstetrics & Gynecology, found that non-hispanic black women a 66% higher incidence of major birth-related problems as compared to non-Hispanic white women. Add to this the general trend that “the sick don’t get treatment”, and you can imagine how a low-income black woman with a pregnancy and a cold might not currently get the treatment due her. That’s probably something we should change.

A great article written by the science writing phenom that is Kara Gavin can be read here. A video explaining the results of this and study’s lead author (Lindsay Admon) work can be seen below.