Questions to ponder on sex

  1. Who are you and what is one thing you think is ethically relevant to matters of sex?
  2. What is consent? How can be it be given and taken?
  3. Do sexual relationships confer particular responsibilities between individuals? How can breaches of these duties be adjudicated?
  4. Not that I’m trying to tell anyone their business or prescribe policy, but at about what age on average should individuals have sex with one another?
  5. Is there too much, too little, or just about the right amount of pornography in the world?
  6. Should we encourage the use of “sex robots“?
  7. What sorts of technology should be used/advanced/developed for sex? Put differently, what is a proper role of technology in sexual relationships?
  8. What is the strongest possible argument against contraception?
  9. What should be done about those who sexually abuse children?
  10. Can there be a just/ethical/fair/decent form of prostitution?
  11. Why are non-heterosexual relationships (e.g., homosexual relationships, polyamorous pairings, etc.) viewed by some in society with derision/hatred? Put more pointedly, what motivates some to commit hate crimes on the basis of sex, be it of identification, orientation, or association?
  12. Why are power imbalances commonly associated with sexual misconduct and what can be done to mitigate their affects?
  13. Why does there persist sex-based differences in physician compensation and institutional support for junior biomedical researchers?
  14. What is a transgender mouse?
  15. When/Can a child elect to confirm their gender if such a surgery is against the expressed and deeply held beliefs of their parents?
  16. When/Will the sexes be equal?