Xplore Engineering

Some feedback given during the 2019 summer program:

  • Best event
  • Awesome demos
  • Another fabulous program.
  • It was fun to crack the bones
  • Really enjoyed the workshop
  • Eye opening even for the parents.
  • Organization of workshop was excellent.
  • I liked how the kids did actual experiments.
  • Initiative by the volunteers was extraordinary.
  • Loved the activity – the instructors were super engaged with the kids.
  • The PP slides were FANTASTIC – not too many words, useful images.
  • GREAT presenters. They were extremely enthusiastic, bring them back.
  • Thank you for hosting this – it will be a favorite once the kinks are worked out!
  • The lecturer who oversaw this workshop has an amazing personality and incredible energy!
  • This was a very well run workshop. Our second favorite. Easy to understand and follow. Great presentation. The hands on portion with bones and pasta shells was great.
  • The material here was something we could all relate to because we all have bones. I think my nephew went away with an understanding of stress and strain and how to test for different conditions. We liked the hands-on nature.
  • Another great workshop. The material was explained very well for the wide age range there. All the kids loved using the actual equipment to simulate an experiment. My kids are 9 so this is very new to them. I could almost see the gears turning in my kids’ mind as they began to get an inkling of what engineering is like. The enthusiasm of the instructors was infectious:)
  • LOVED the enthusiasm of the lecturer that guided the workshop. Appreciated how the students presented the material as colleagues and the diversity represented. The lecturer circulated the room regularly to interact with each team and ask them specific questions that required more than a yes or no answer. Also observed him taking full advantage of teachable moments with his students, guiding their presentation skills constructively