Make of this what you will

It is being reported that CMU shooter James Davis had fled hospital hours before allegedly killing parents. Reading through it, there is much palpably medical. Words like, hospital, medical center, hospital workers, mental issues, the influence of drugs, emergency room, into the care of, treatment, hypothermia, hospital bed, where he remains, spring up more than one might expect. Tragedy abounds: “Davis Jr. shot and killed his parents on returning to his room, police have said. He left the gun at the scene and fled. About 15 hours later, the crew of a Great Lakes Central Railroad train spotted a boxer-short-wearing Davis Jr. standing near tracks about a half-mile from campus and called 911. Police responded and arrested Davis without incident.” The medical remains: “The following day, Davis Jr. was transferred from the hospital to Isabella County Jail, where he remains lodged on a $1.125 million bond.” The bonds of justice must ultimately be visceral. Where better than a hospital? The penultimate statement of the story I think is the largest veer in the weeping narrative. “The Davises resided in Plainfield, Illinois. Davis Sr. was a part-time officer with Bellwood Police Department, a village near Chicago, and had been a longtime member of the Illinois Army National Guard and served in the Iraq War.” Nineteen days from now, a son will appear before the court to face murdering his mother and father. Against the backdrop is our contemporary medical environment. How does this happen? How will it happen?