List of Labs

v0.1. All engineering departments

November 20, 2018

This list of laboratories is meant to be as thorough and exhaustive as I can get it. You are welcome to help. 

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Biomedical Engineering (Bold = Core faculty)

Active and Functional Soft Matter Lab (Brian Love)

Armstrong Lab (Tom Armstrong)

Arnold Lab (Kelly Arnold)

Baker Lab (Brendon Baker)

Barald Lab (Kate Barald)

The Belmont Lab (me)

Berenfeld Lab (Omer Berenfeld)

BioElectronic Vision Lab (James Weiland)

Biofluid Mechanics Research Lab (James Grotberg)

Biomechanics Research Lab (James Ashton-Miller)

Biomedical Manufacturing and Design Lab (Albert Shih)

Biomedical Optical Diagnostics Laboratory (Mary-Ann Mycek)

Bioplasmonics Group (Somin Eunice Lee)

CHaR Lab (Rhima Coleman)

Chestek Lab (Cindy Chestek)

CMITE Lab (Jan Stegemann)

Computational Vascular Biomechanics Lab (C. Alberto Figueroa)

CSET Lab (Andrew Putnam)

Deng Lab (Cheri Deng)

Direct Brain Interface Laboratory (Jane Huggins)

Engineered Cellular Microenvironments (ECM) Lab (Geeta Mehta)

Flat Panel Imaging Group (Larry Antonuk)

Functional MRI Laboratory (Douglas Noll)

Giannobile Lab (William Ginnobile)

Gliske Lab (Stephen Gliske)

Greve Lab (Joan Greve)

Hankenson Laboratory (Kurt Hankenson)

Heemskerk Lab (Idse Heemskerk)

Hero Research Group (Alfred Hero)

Histotripsy Group (Charles Cain)

Hudetz Lab (Anthony Hudetz)

Integrated Biosystems and Biomechanics Laboratory (Jianping Fu)

Kaigler Research Group (Darnell Kaigler, Jr.)

Kim Research Group (Jinsang Kim)

Kohn Lab (David Kohn)

Kozloff Lab (Ken Kozloff)

Lab of Cancer Systems Biology and Pharmacology (Mohammad Fallahi-Sichani)

Laboratory for Optimization and Computation in Orthopedic Surgery (LOCOS) (Richard Hughes)

Lana Garmire Group in Translational Informatics (Lana Garmire)

Larson Group (Ronald Larson)

Lei Lei Lab (Lei Lei)

Leventhal Lab (Daniel Leventhal)

The Luker Lab (Gary Luker)

Ma Lab (Peter Ma)

Moon Lab (James Moon)

Musculoskeletal Biomechanics and Imaging Laboratory (David Lipps)

Neural Circuits and Memory Lab (Kamran Diba)

Neuromodulation Lab (Scott Lempka)

NeuRRo Lab (Chandramouli Krishnan)

NOBEL Lab (Carlos Aguilar)

Omar Lab (Omar Ahmed)

Optical Imaging Lab (Xueding Wang)

pNEURO Lab (Tim Bruns)

Rajapakse Lab (Indika Rajapakse)

Ramamoorthy Group (Ayyalusamy (Rams) Ramamoorthy)

Rehabilitation Biomechanics Laboratory (Deanna Gates)

Restorative Neuroengineering Group (Parag Patil)

Sept Lab (David Sept)

Shea Lab (Lonnie Shea)

Sherman Fan Lab (Xudong (Sherman) Fan)

Shikanov Lab (Ariella Shikanov)

Skeletal Tissue Engineering Laboratory (Lisa Larkin)

Soft Tissue Mechanics Lab (Ellen Arruda)

Stacey Lab (William Stacey)

Systems Biology and Drug Discovery Lab (Sriram Chandrasekaran)

Systems Biology of Human Disease (Deepak Nagrath)

Systems Laboratory (J. Alex Halderman)

Tessier Lab (Peter Tessier)

Tewari Laboratory (Muneesh Tewari)

TheoRetical and Applied Chemodynamics (TRAC) (Christian Lastoskie)

Thurber Lab (Greg Thurber)

Transforming Engineering Education Lab (TEEL) (Aileen Huang-Saad)

Translational Tissue Modeling Laboratory (Jason Spence)

Ultrasound Laboratory (Oliver Kripfgans and Mario Fabiilli)

The Violi Lab (Angela Violi)

Wang Molecular Imaging Laboratory (Thomas Wang)

Watson Lab (Brendon Watson)

Xu Lab (Zhen Xu)

Yoon Lab (Euisik Yoon)



Aerospace Engineering

Active Aeroelasticity and Structures Research Laboratory (A2SRL)

Adaptive Materials and Structures Laboratory

Aerospace, Robotics and Controls (ARC) Laboratory

Attitude Dynamics and Control Laboratory (ADCL)

Autonomous Aerospace Systems Laboratory (AASL)

Center for Data-Driven Computational Physics (CDDCP)

Center for Radiative Shock Hydrodynamics (CRASH)

Center for Rotary and Fixed-Wing Air Vehicle Design (CRFWAD)

Center for Space Environment Modeling (CSEM)

Computational Aerosciences Laboratory (CAS)

Computational Fluid Dynamics Group (CFDG)

Constellation University Institutes Project (CUIP)

François-Xavier Bagnoud Flight Vehicle Institute (FVI)

Gas Dynamic Imaging Laboratory (GDI)

Laboratory for Computational Fluid Dynamics (KECK CFD)

Michigan/AFRL/Boeing Collaborative Center in Aeronautical Sciences (MAB-CCAS)

Michigan/AFRL Collaborative Center in Control Science (MACCCS)

Michigan/Air Force Center of Excellence in Electric Propulsion (MACEEP)

Michigan Exploration Laboratory (MXL)

Multi-Scale Structural Simulations Laboratory (MSSL)

Noise, Vibration and Motion Control Laboratory

Nonequilibrium Gas & Plasma Dynamics Laboratory (NGPDL)

Peach Mountain Observatory

Plasmadynamics and Electric Propulsion Laboratory (PEPL)

Propulsion and Combustion Engineering Laboratory (PACE)



Chemical Engineering

Burns Research Group (Mark A. Burns) 

Cell Adhesion and Drug Delivery Lab (Lola Eniola-Adefeso)

Computational Plasma Science and Engineering Group (Mark J. Kushner)

CSET Lab (Andrew Putnam)

Fogler Research Group (H. Scott Fogler)

The Glotzer Group (Sharon C. Glotzer)

Goldsmith Lab (Bryan Goldsmith)

Gulari’s Lab (Erdogan Gulari)

Kim Research Group (Jinsang Kim)

Kotov Lab (Nicholas A. Kotov)

Lahann Lab (Joerg Laban)

Larson Group (Ronald G. Larson)

Lenert Lab (Andrej Lenert)

The Lin Laboratory (Xiaoxia (Nina) Lin)

Linderman Research Group (Jennifer Linderman)

Linic Lab (Suljo Linic)

Nagrath Laboratory (Sunitha Nagrath)

Polymers, Surfaces, and Interfaces (Anish Tuteja)

The Schwank Group (Johannes W. Schwank)

Scott Polymer Dojo (Timothy F. Scott)

Shea Lab (Lonnie Shea)

Shtein Research Group (Max Shtein)

Singh Lab (Nirala Singh)

Systems Biology of Human Diseases (Deepak Nagrath)

Team Mayes and Blue (Heather Mayes)

Tessier Lab (Peter Tessier)

Thompson Research Group (Levi T. Thompson)

Thurber Lab (Greg Thurber)

The Violi Lab (Angela Violi)

Wen Group Protein-Assembly Engineering Lab (Fei Wen)




Civil and Environmental Engineering

Advanced Civil Engineering Materials Research Laboratory (ACE-MRL)

Athanasopoulos-Zekkos Lab (Adda Athaanasopoulos-Zekkos)

Bao Lab (Shan Bao)

Cementitious Composites Laboratory

Center for High-Performance Materials, Sensors, and Structures for Next Generation Infrastructure

Center of Excellence in Bridges and Structures

Computational Geotechnics Laboratory

Computational Structural Simulation Laboratory

F.E. Richart Jr. Soil Dynamics Laboratory

Geoenvironmental Laboratory

Geotechnical Engineering Facilities

Geotechnical Research And Visualization Engineering Laboratory (G.R.A.V.E.L.)

Geotechnical Testing Laboratory

Laboratory for Intelligent Structural Technology

Pavement Research Center of Excellence (Will Hansen)

Structural Engineering Laboratory



Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

Atmospheric chemistry and aerosols, regional assessments (Prof. Steiner)

Atmospheric Dynamics Modeling Group (Prof. Jablonowski)

Biosphere-Chemistry-Climate Interactions (Prof. Steiner)

Center for Radiative Shock Hydrodynamics (Prof. Drake)

Center for Space Environment Modeling (CSEM)

Climate & Space Remote Sensing Group (RSG)

Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS)

Dr. Bougher’s planetary science research at U-M

Electric field sensor for charged dust and sand particles (Prof. Renno)

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL), Weather and Atmospheric Dynamics (GFDL)

Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO)

Mars Science Laboratory at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

MultiWell: Freely available chemistry software package (Prof. Barker)

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

National Center for Atmospheric Research, Climate and Global Dynamics Division

NOAA Hurricane Research Division (HRD)

NOAA Satellite and Information System

Climate Change Research Group (Prof. Poulsen), UM Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Planetary Science Laboratory (PSL)

Radiative transfer and climate change (Prof. Huang)

Regional climate modeling (Prof. Steiner)

Scientific Computing (Prof. Stout)

Solar and Heliospheric Research Group (SHRG)

University of Michigan Biological Station (UMBS)

US Contribution to the Rosetta Mission to Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko at NASA JPL



Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Advanced Computer Architecture Lab (ACAL) (Karem A. Sahallah)

APRIL Robotics Lab (Edwin Olson)

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (Edmund Durfee)

Autonomous Robotic Manipulation Lab (Dmitry Berenson)

Bertacco Lab (Valeria Bertacco)

Biologically Inspired Robotics and Dynamical Systems (BIRDS) Lab (Shai Revzen)

Bioplasmonics Group (Somin Eunice Lee)

Center for Computer Security and Society (J. Alex Halderman)

Center for Photonic and Multiscale Nanomaterials (C-PHOM) (Ted Norris)

Center for Ultrafast Optical Science (CUOS) (Almantas Galvanauskas, Karl Krushelnick)

Center for Wireless Integrated MicroSystems (WIMS) (Mina Rais-Zadeh)

CHAI Lab (Emily Mower Provost)

Clarity-Lab (Jason Mars)

Compilers Creating Custom Processors (CCCP) Lab (Scott Mahlke)

Computational Plasma Science and Engineering Group (Mark J. Kushner)

Computer Engineering Laboratory (John P. Hayes, Scott Mahlke)

Computer Languages and Systems Software (Amir Kamil)

Control Systems Laboratory (Jessy W. Grizzle)

Controls Group (Dawn Tilbury)

Database Research Group (Michael Cafarella, H. V. Jagadish, Barzan Mozafari)

Deep Robot Optical Perception (DROP) Lab (Matthew Johnson-Roberson)

Ensafi Lab (Roya Ensafi)

Excitonics and Photonics Group (Parag B. Deotare)

The Finelli Lab (Cynthia Finelli)

Flynn Research Group (Michael P. Flynn)

Foreseer Group (Qiaozhu Mei)

GEMS Lab (Danai Koutra)

Goldman Research Group (Rachel S. Goldman)

Guo Research Group (L. Jay Guo)

High Field Science Group (Louise Willingale)

Information Interaction Lab (Michael Nebeling)

Integrated Optics Laboratory (Kim Winick)

The Intelligent Robotics Lab (Benjamin Kuipers)

IoT/CPS Security Research at the University of Michigan (Atul Prakash)

Islam Group (Mohammed Islam)

The Kanicki Laboratory (Jerzy Kanicki)

Kim Lab (Hun-Seok Kim)

Kurabayashi Lab (Katsuo Kurabayshi)

Laboratory of Intelligent Systems Technology (Jerome P. Lynch)

Language and Information Technologies Group (LIT@UMich) (Rada Mihalcea)

Lee Research Group (Honglak Lee)

Liu Lab (Mingyan Liu)

Machine Learning for Data-Driven Decisions (MLD3) (Jenna Wiens)

Michigan ICTD (Tawanna Dillahunt)

Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering (Igor Markov)

Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS) (Brian D. Athey, Alfred Hero)

Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering (MIPSE)

Michigan Integrated Circuits Laboratory (Dennis Sylvester)

Michigan Interactive and Social Computing Group (MSIC) 

Michigan Power and Energy Lab (MPEL) (Johanna Mathieu)

Michigan Robotics (Jessy W. Grizzle)

MobiLab (Z. Morley Mao)

Najafi Research Group (Khalil Najafi)

Nanoelectronics Group (Wei D. Lu)

Nanophotonics and Nanofabrication Group (Pei-Cheng Ku)

Neuhoff Research Group (David L. Neuhoff)

Newman Group (Mark W. Newman)

Nonlinear and Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy (Stephen C. Rand)

Optics and Photonics Laboratory (Ted Norris)

Optoelectronic Components and Materials Group (Stephen Forrest)

Ozay Research Group (Necmiye Ozay) 

Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (Ryan Eustice)

PetersonLab (Becky Peterson)

Phillips Research Group (Jamie Phillips)

Power Electronics and Energy Research Studios (PEERS) (Al-Thaddeus Avestruz)

Quantum Circuits Group (John Hayes, Igor Markov, Yaoyun Shi, Dector Garcia-Ramirez)

Quantum Optoelectronics Group (Duncan Steel)

Quantum Science Theory Lab (Mackillo Kira)

Radiation Laboratory (RADLAB) (Anthony Grbic, Adib Nashashibi)

Real-Time Computing Laboratory (RTCL) (Kang G. Shin)

Robotics Group (Dawn Tilbury)

Signal Processing Algorithm Design and Analysis (SPADA) Lab (Laura Balzano)

Social Innovations (Tawanna Dillahunt)

SocialWorlds Research Group (Mark S. Ackerman)

Software Systems Lab (Mike Cafarella, James Flinn)

Space Electrodynamics and Tether Systems (Brian Gilchrist)

Strategic Reasoning Group (Michael P. Wellman)

Systems Lab (J. Alex Halderman)

Tang Team (Lingjia Tang)

Tewari Research Group (Ambuj Tewari)

Ultra high-speed Nonlinear Integrated Circuit Lab (Ehsan Afshari)

University of Michigan Energy Institute (UMEI) (Johanna Mathieu)

VLSI-SP Group (Zhengya Zhang)

Wireless Integrated Circuits and Systems Group (David Wentzloff)

Wireless Integrated MicroSensing and Systems (WIMS2) Institute (Yogesh B. Gianchandani)

Yoon Lab (Euisik Yoon)

Zhong Group (Zaohui Zhong)



Industrial and Operations Engineering

Raed Al Kontar: data analytics for smart and connected systems, distributed analysis and data fusion, transfer/multitask learning for monitoring, diagnosis and prognostics, simulation metamodeling, personalized system informatics

Thomas J. Armstrong: healthcare operations, manufacturing, lean manufacturing, material handling

Jim Bagian: healthcare operations, healthcare quality improvement

Yavuz A. Bozer: healthcare operations, logistics and distribution, manufacturing, service systems, warehousing, industrial operations, distribution & logistics, facility layout & design, facility location modeling, lean management, lean manufacturing, material handling, supply-chain management, approximation algorithms, discrete optimization, integer, optimization, math modeling, queuing theory, simulation, stochastic simulation, machine learning

Eunshin Byon: predictive data analysis, energy, manufacturing, reliability, operations & maintenance optimization, sustainability, simulation, stochastic opt. & control, Bayesian statistics, design of experiments, fault diagnosis & condition monitoring, reliability & maintainability, statistical quality control

Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety

Center for Ergonomics

Xiuli Chao: energy, manufacturing, service systems, distribution & logistics, inventory control, supply-chain management, game theory, queuing theory, stochastic opt. & control, stochastic processes

Amy Cohn: healthcare operations, transportation, production scheduling, math programming, optimization

Mark S. Daskin: data analytics, healthcare operations, healthcare quality improvement, manufacturing, service systems, transportation, urban sustainability and resilience, risk analysis, distribution & logistics, facility location modeling, inventory control, production scheduling, supply-chain management, discrete optimization, integer optimization, math modeling, mathematical optimization, network flows, optimization, optimization under uncertainty, queuing theory

Brian Denton: data science, predictive models, medical decision making, math modeling, math programming, simulation, stochastic opt. & control, machine learning

Marina Epelman: healthcare operations, manufacturing, production scheduling, discrete optimization, integer optimization, math modeling, math programming, mathematical optimization, network flows, optimization, optimization under uncertainty

Paul Green: healthcare operations, transportation

Seth Guikema: predictive data analytics, critical infrastructure, urban sustainability and resilience, disaster risk assessment, risk analysis

Wallace Hopp: data analytics, healthcare operations, healthcare quality improvement, manufacturing, inventory control, lean management, lean manufacturing, organizational design, technology management

Richard Hughes: healthcare operations, healthcare quality improvement, decision analysis, math modeling, math programming, stochastic opt. & control, Bayesian statistics

David W. Hutton: healthcare operations, healthcare policy, decision analysis, math modeling, optimum decision making, queuing theory, Bayesian statistics

Ruiwei Jiang: healthcare operations, power system operations, discrete optimization, stochastic opt. & control

Judy Jin: data analytics, energy, manufacturing, medical decision making, service systems, telecommunications, transportation, Bayesian statistics, design of experiments, machine learning, multivariate analysis, quality management, reliability & maintainability, statistical quality control

W. Monroe Keyserling: healthcare operations, manufacturing, transportation

Mariel Lavieri: data analytics, predictive data analytics, healthcare operations, healthcare policy, medical decision making, approximation algorithms, decision analysis, dynamic programming optimization, optimization under uncertainty, optimum decision making, stochastic opt. & control, stochastic processes, Bayesian statistics, machine learning, multivariate analysis

Jon Lee: discrete optimization, integer optimization, mathematical optimization

Yili Liu: healthcare operations, transportation, organizational design, technology management

Bernard Martin: manufacturing, transportation

Katta G. Murty: telecommunications, transportation, distribution & logistics, inventory control, supply-chain management, math modeling, math programming, network flows, optimization, optimum decision making

Viswanath Nagarajan: distribution & logistics, approximation algorithms, math programming, network flows, optimization

Vijay Nair: banking & finance, manufacturing, medical decision making, telecommunications, transportation, financial systems, stochastic processes, design of experiments, multivariate analysis, quality management reliability & maintainability, statistical quality control

Romesh Saigal: banking & finance, healthcare operations, transportation, math programming, optimization, stochastic processes

Nadine Sarter: aviation, medicine, automotive, military operations

Lawrence M. Seiford: data analytics, healthcare quality improvement, banking & finance, manufacturing, service systems, risk analysis, distribution & logistics, inventory control, production scheduling, supply-chain management, data envelopment analysis, game theory, math modeling, performance measurement, productivity and efficiency analysis, statistical quality control, exploratory data analysis, visualization

Siqian Shen: energy, healthcare operations, transportation, discrete optimization, math programming, network flows, stochastic opt. & control

Cong Shi: inventory control, supply-chain management, optimization, stochastic opt. & control

Mark P. Van Oyen: online systems analysis, learning, and control, healthcare operations, manufacturing, medical decision making, service systems, production scheduling, supply-chain management, optimization, queuing theory, simulation, stochastic opt. & control, stochastic processes

X. Jessie Yang: transportation, military operations, healthcare



Integrative Systems and Design

Barton Research Group


Elijah Kannatey-Asibu Research

Fuel Cell Control Systems Laboratory

Global Design Lab

Institute for Social Research


Orosz Research Group

Research Center for Group Dynamics

Researching Fresh Solutions to the Energy/Water/Food Challenge in Resource-Constrained Environments (REFRESCH)

Roahm Lab

Saitou Research Group

Smart and Sustainable Automation Research Lab (Chinedum Okwudire)

Tauber Institute for Global Operations 

University of Michigan Center for Healthcare, Engineering, and Patient Safety (CHEPS)

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI)

USDOT Midwest Center for Connected and Automated Transportation at the University of Michigan

Wooldridge Combustion Laboratory

Yoon Lab



Materials Science and Engineering

Active and Functional Soft Matter Laboratory

Advanced Civil Engineering – Materials Research Lab

Advanced Materials and Mechanics Laboratory

Biointerfaces Institute

Center for Photonic and Multiscale Nanomaterials

Ceramic Processing Laboratory

Computational Material Physics Group

Computational Materials Science Liang Qi Research Group

Electrical Characterization Facilities

Electron Optical Facilities

Energy Storage and Materials Simulation Lab

Engineered Cellular Microenvironments

Ferroelectronics Laboratory

Glotzer Lab

Goldman Research Group

Green Group

Halloran Research Group

High Temperature Corrosion Laboratory

Hovden Lab

Ion Beam Laboratory (Nuclear Engineering)

Jones Research Group

Kieffer Group

Kim Group

Kioupakis Group

Lahann Research Group

Laine Research Group

Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT)

Ma Lab

Marquis Research Group

(MC)2 = Materials Characterization & State-of-the-art Microscopy

Mechanical Testing Facilities

Michigan Energy Institute

Millunchick Research Group

Misra Research Group

Molecular Beam Epitaxy Laboratory

Optoelectronic Components Materials Group

Polymer Characterization and Processing Facilities

Polymers, Surfaces, Interfaces

Poudeu Research Group

Predictive Integrated Structural Materials Science Center (PRISMS)

Sakamoto Group

Scanning Probe Microscopy Laboratory

Shahani Group

Shtein Lab

Solid State Electronics Laboratory

Solidification Processing Facilities

Taub Research Group

Thorton Group

Ultrafast Laser – Material Interaction Laboratory 

UHV Thin-Film Growth and Analysis Laboratory

Wang Research Group

Was Research Group

Wei Lu Research Group

Yalisove Research Group



Mechanical Engineering

Algorithmic Synthesis Laboratory (Kazu Saitou)

Automated Modeling Laboratory (Jeffrey Stein)

Automotive Fuel and Combustion Technology (Andre Boehman)

Automotive Research Center (Bogdan Epureanu)

Barton Research Group (Kira Barton)

Biomechanics Research Laboratory (James Ashton-Miller, Kathleen Sienko)

Cavitation and Multiphase Flow Laboratory (Steve Ceccio)

Center for Dimensional Measurement and Control in Manufacturing (Jun Ni, Jack Hu)

Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems (Jun Ni)

Center for Laser Aided Intelligent Manufacturing (Jyoti Mazumder) 

Center for Lasers and Plasmas for Advanced Manufacturing (Jyoti Mazumder)

Chronis Lab (Nikos Chronis)

Compliant Systems Design Laboratory (Sridhar Kota)

Computational Mechanics Laboratory (Greg Hulbert, Noboru Kikuchi, Zheng-Dong Ma)

Computational Physics Group (Kirshna Garikipati)

Design Lab (Steve Skerlos)

Energy Storage and Materials Simulation Lab (Donald Siegel)

Engineering Research Center in Reconfigurable Machining Systems (Yoram Koren, Dawn Tilbury, Elijah Kannatey-Asibu Jr., Galip Ulsoy, Jack Hu, James Moyne, Jun Ni)

Environmental and Sustainable Technology Laboratory (Steve Skerlos)

Epureanu Research Group (Bogdan Epureanu)

Fuel Cell Control Systems Laboratory (Anna Stefanopoulou)

General Motors/University of Michigan Automotive Collaborative Research Laboratory: Advanced Manufacturing Division (Jack Hu)

General Motors/University of Michigan Automotive Collaborative Research Laboratory: Engine Systems Division (Volker Sick)

General Motors/University of Michigan Smart Materials and Structures Collaborative Research Laboratory (Diann Brei)

Global Design Laboratory (Jesse Austin-Breneman)

Global Health Design Initiative

Haptix Laboratory (Brent Gillespie)

Heat Transfer Physics (Massoud Kaviany)

Industrial Assessment Center (Arvind Atreya)

Integrated Manufacturing Systems Laboratory (Jun Ni)

Laboratory for Automation and Mechanical Structures (LAMS) (Galip Ulsoy)

Laboratory for Innovation in Global Health Technology (LIGHT) (Kathleen Sienko)

Laboratory for Transport and Interaction in Porous Media (Massoud Kaviany)

Laboratory for Turbulence Physics and Computation (Rayhaneh Akhavan)

Laser Materials Processing Laboratory (Elijah Kannatey-Asibu Jr.)

Materials Characterization Lab (Ellen Arruda)

Mechanical Properties of Materials Laboratory (Michael Thouless)

Microsystems Technology and Science Laboratory (Katsuo Kurabayashi)

Nanomechanics Laboratory (Edgar Meyhofer)

Optimal Design Laboratory (Panos Papalambros)

Perkins Research Group (Noel Perkins)

Phoenix Memorial Energy Institute Laboratory (Donald Siegel)

Powertrain Control Laboratory (Anna Stefanopoulou)

Precision Systems Design Lab (Shorya Awtar, Pramod Sangi Reddy)

Quantitative Laser Diagnostics Laboratory (Volker Sick)

Rehabilitation Robotics Group (Brent Gillespie, C. David Remy, Kathleen Sienko)

Scientific Computing and Flow Physics Laboratory (Eric Johnsen)

Sensory Augmentation and Rehabilitation Laboratory (SARL) (Kathleen Sienko)

Smart Materials and Structures Laboratory (Diann Brei)

Soft Tissue Mechanics Laboratory (Ellen Arruda)

Solid State Thermal Physics Laboratory (Kevin Pipe)

Structural Durability Laboratory (Jwo Pan)

Structural Dynamics and Controls Lab (Kon-Well Wang)

Technical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (David Dowling)

Variable Gravity Research Laboratory (Bill Schultz)

Vibrations and Acoustics Laboratory: Microsystems (Kenn Oldham)

The Violi Group (Angela Violi)

Walter E. Lay Automotive Laboratory (Andre Boehman, John Hoard, George Labole, Huei Peng, David Reuss, Volker Sick, Jason Siegel, Anna Stefanopoulou, Margaret Woolridge)

Wilson Student Team Project Center (Don Geister)

Woolridge Combustion Laboratory (Margaret Woolridge)

Wu Manufacturing Research Center (Jun Ni, Albert Shih)



Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Computational Ship Hydrodynamics Laboratory (CSHL)

DROP (Deep Robot Optical Perception) Lab

Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory (MHL)

Marine Renewable Energy Laboratory (MRELab)

Marine Structures Design Laboratory (MSDL

Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (PeRL)

Real-time Adaptive Control Engineering Lab (RACELab)



Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

Center for Ultrafast Optical Science (CUOS)

Computational Plasma Science and Engineering Group

Detection for Nuclear Nonproliferation

Detection Methods Group

Electron Microbeam Analysis Laboratory (EMAL)

Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow Lab (ECMF)

Fission Systems & Radiation Transport Group

High Field Science Group

High Temperature Corrosion Laboratory

Irradiated Materials Testing Laboratory

Materials Preparation Laboratory

MCASL Center

Metastable Materials Laboratory

Michigan Energy Institute (MEI)

Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory

Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering

Neutron Science Laboratory

Nuclear Measurements Teaching Laboratory

Plasma, Pulsed Power and Microwave Laboratory

Plasma Science and Technology Laboratory

Plasma Teaching Laboratory

Position Sensing Semiconductor Radiation Detector Lab

Radiation Materials Science Research Group

Radiological Health Engineering Laboratory