Intended individually, may it apply to all

May you use your skills to effectively fix brains.

May you continue on your academic journey, doubly sure of yourself.

May you continue to candidly make better the situations you are in.

May you continue to grow that mind of yours.

May you know multitudes.

May you continue to take the detailed wide view.

May you in the future engage broadly with that which interests you.

May others continue to see such efforts.

May you continue to speak with acuity for all.

May your skills continue to say plenty for you.

May you continue do well with others so that you might do good in this world.

May you always solve problems so effectively.

May you continue in the field with greatness.

May you reflect what you learn and learn from your reflections.

May you ever summarize complexity efficiently.

May you continue to ably describe the impressive world around you.

May you be ever diligent in doling out your capable participation.

May you continue to be first and foremost in most everything you do.

May you find an approach that works best for you and resume the struggle.

May you always show the energy of your talents.

May your counsel, verbal or nonverbal, continue to help those around you.

May you face every adversity with perseverance.

May you always lift the impressions and impressiveness of those around you.

May you always get there early and be a part of what follows.

May you continue to be a leading voice in every room you find yourself.

May you continue to find the voice to express the expected and unexpected alike.

May you bring such detailed accountability to all your future endeavors.

May you always have at the ready a good thought or two.

May all of your experiences, values, thoughts, traits, etc. be for the better.

May you continue to bloom.

May you continue to dominate at whatever volume you choose.

May your concision wed with precision such that you do well what you do specifically.

May you always stick the landing.

May you, in your time here and elsewhere, be allowed to become who you want to be.

May you find yourself ever improving along the way.

May you continue to bring order all about you.

May you always keep the motto of the Great Seal at the front of your mind as you develop into who you are: e pluribus unum – out of many, one.

May you continue to assess the topics before you effectively.

May you have fond memories of this class and truly define yourself as a person.

May you consistently move forward as, as Kanye reminds us, “every hour / every minute”.

May you always explain yourself, and the work of your teams, well.

May you have learned and experienced much in this class and learn and experience more outside of it.

May you continue on expeditiously, ever leading from the front.

May you continue to follow through to the end.

May you always find it bettering.

May you become your best self, ever capable of answering the hard questions.

May you always spend well the time you have.

May you continue to walk that walk others only talk about.

May you cleverly tease out every confounding detail before you.

May you continue to represent the eons.

May you keep on burning as long as you’re learning.

May you continue to contribute.

May all your decisions in life be so clearly logical.

May you always comfortable knowing your ideas are incorporated, hopefully to the betterment of our healthcare.

May you keep up yours and put your shoulder into all that makes you hopeful.

May you continue to be profoundly/absurdly/competent.

May you find yourself ever numbering among the best.

May you continue to creatively reason through the consequences of our actions.

May you continue to employ the unique to solve the fundamental, commonly.

May you continue to explain the complex, concisely.

May you always be so upright.

May you continue to communicate the difficult with ease.

May you keenly correct with wit and guile.

May you keep floating on and making of this giant rock we call home what you can.

May you always help build up distinction for every group you are a part.

May you always contribute your thoughts.

May your interests be enduring and exploring.

May you continue developing yours.

May you continue to seek answers to every question you ask.

May you observe less oppression and greater well-being.

May you always leverage your vantage.

May you always coalesce with others for the betterment all.

May you continue to be a person of your word.

May you rely on your community and your community on you.

May you continue sensibly on, following in the footsteps of giants.

May you always so distinguish yourself.

May you know joy in every mile more.

May comprehensive detailing continue to reside within your heart.

May you continue to to hold your government to account so that you might count on your government.

May you, your brain, and the whole of your central nervous system go far in this world.