If you think you want to do what I want to do

and be a lecturer type person in a biomedical engineering type environment, please consider the following (to my knowledge, currently open) positions:

  • University of Michigan, Lecturer III (literally my job);
  • University of California, Berkeley, Lecturer Pool (open every year);
  • University of Texas at Austin, Lecturer (which I think is a great new place!);
  • Rowan University, Lecturer (which keeps making those right moves); and
  • City University London, Lecturer (which I would love to work a summer/semester at;1 here’s hoping I can take my show on the road in Shanghai first).

Every year looks better and better for “lecturers” in engineering. There really is something to the art of teaching a subject beyond mere expertise. If you’ve got that je nais se quoi wrt teaching, definitely consider applying to one of these places. 

(And to those serious about playing this here game, this is when you ought to start looking to see what Departments around the country are looking. There are cycles to this whole thing, generally revolving around the semester, and the more you can line up with it, the better your chances. You start to lose that rhythm if you go off into industry.)


  1. I am reminded of Kurt Vonnegut’s thoughts on semicolons.