Happy Birthday, Mr. Vollmann

This [birthday wish] was written in urine, lime and vitriol
under circumstance of hunger and death
for all you bright and risen angels of brimstone and sulfur
who live beneath the dragon’s eye in the eye of fire, united for the
procreation of lye and aquafortis.
Blessed be you in your infamy.
You are pernicious, poisonous and deadly.
I will offer up to you iron and lead; on your alters I will burn
alkali, vinegar and white arsenic.
I will make wax of your steel.
Your men will become dead men.
And your women will also die.
And if your women become pregnant and bear children as they die.
the children also will perish.
The sun will rise without you,
In the dry cold earth you will burn.
Spring will come without you.
Your bright day, my angels, will be followed by my night.
In the manure pile you will be annealed.
The crows’ feet will find you in time.
I piss on you all.
This is my gift, you angels; love me.