ENGR 100

My takes on the class:

ENGR 100, Fall 2017

(VG 100, Summer 2018, kinda, sorta)

ENGR 100, Fall 2018


From the Michigan Engineering, Engineering 100 website:

Section 500: Biotechnology, Human Values, and The Engineer

Virtual Design Project: Conduct an investigative study for a real client (the University of Michigan School of Medicine) to design a test capable of detecting a disease before the onset of symptoms


In this class, you will work within a design team for a realclient (one of the physicians or dentists affiliated with the University of Michigan School of Medicine) to design a feasible diagnostic test for a specific disease. This section of Engineering 100 is intended to bring you together with other students in engineering who are broadly interested in biotechnology and bioengineering, a rapidly evolving field that impacts nearly every aspect of our daily lives from the food we eat to the medicine we take. You will be introduced to the latest trends in these emerging fields, not only in terms of their scientific and technological impact, but also in terms of their implications for human values. You will have the opportunity to experience the complex dynamics that govern the development of engineering solutions to life science problems. This course will be exciting, and fast-paced, thus, it will be demanding. Prior success in AP high school biology is strongly recommended.  If you are interested in pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering, this course is a good fit. We hope that you will join us for an invigorating semester.