Committee on Civil Rights and Liberties

The University of Michigan’s Faculty Senate Committee on Civil Rights and Liberties (henceforth, “CCRL”) is meant to represent the voice of the faculty, advising and consulting on policy and procedure issues related to civil liberties. The Committee’s advice should/shall be sought and given in a timely manner so that the advice could affect the decision-making outcome.

Charge, 2018 – 2019

Consider the University’s position on balancing freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of assembly.

Keep abreast of civil rights legislation (proposed and pending, on the federal, state, and local levels) which can affect the Committee’s ability to advise on faculty civil rights matters.

Consider the University’s position and best practices for addressing hate speech.

Present a statement that articulated conditions under which First Amendment rights ought to be upheld while maintaining a safe campus environment.

Develop a mechanism to make the Committee a first response team for a faculty voice on matters that arise and that require a faculty perspective.


Official Website: Faculty Senate website

Current members

Barry Belmont, Biomedical Engineering, Chair, 2018-2021

Rachael Kohl, Michigan Law, 2017-2020

Herman Love, Michigan Medicine, 2018-2019

Kyriaki Marti, School of Dentistry, 2017-2020

Jennifer Matthews, Michigan Medicine, 2018-2021

Martha McComas, School of Dentistry, 2017-2020

David Moran, Michigan Law, 2017-2020 (Director of the Innocence Clinic)

Kate Saylor, University Library (Taubman), 2017-2020

Deirdre Spencer, SACUA Liaison, University Library, 2018-2019

Heather Walline, School of Medicine, 2017-2020

Matthew Zimmer, Michigan Medicine, 2018-2021

Daniel Green, CSG Student Representative, 2018-2019

Darrius Robinson, RSG Student Representative, 2018-2019