Biotech startups raised more money thus far in 2018 than in all of 2013

The future is biological.

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out Matthew Herper’s great piece about it over at Forbes.


[Also: Dear Students. If you want to know who the players in the field are, consult pieces like this. You’ll learn a ton about current biggest up-and-comers (Grail, Moderna Therapeutics, Vir Biotechnology, Kosmos Biotherapeutics, etc.), big investors (Celgene, Johnson & Johnson, McKesson Ventures, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, AstraZeneca, etc.) snd you can see what some big series rounds for start ups look like ($4-250 million this year, spreading $2.8 billion over 60 startups this year so far).]

[Also also: Dear biomedical educators. If we want to prepare our students for the real world, we ought to keep a good eye on what’s going on within it. See who might be hiring soon at the very least.]