Year 4, 2020 – 2021: Legitimization

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Readings to consider

The theory of mind. A discussion on what we think others think.

September 15, 2020, 7PM, 2185 LBME

Michigan Events

Theory of Mind

Theory of mind: The state of the art

Theory of Mind and the Self

Why psychological accounts of personal identity can accept a brain death criterion and biological definition of death

Artificial intelligence. A discussion on what we know machines know.

September 29, 2020, 7PM, 2185 LBME

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Ethical Issues of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Regulatory responses to medical machine learning

Will artificial intelligence solve the human resource crisis in healthcare?

Medical ethics considerations on artificial intelligence

Artificial parts. A discussion on what is replaceable.

October 13, 2020, 7PM, 2185 LBME

Michigan Events

Implant ethics

Neuro-Prosthetics, the Extended Mind, and Respect for Persons with Disability

Why Not Artificial Wombs?

Going Out on a Limb: Prosthetics, Normalcy and Disputing the Therapy:Enhancement Distinction

Dia de los Muertos. A discussion on the celebration of the living and the dead.

October 27, 2020, 7PM, 2185 LBME

Michigan Events

Dead Bodies: The Deadly Display of Mexican Border Politics

Primum Non Nocere Mortuis: Bioethics and the Lives of the Dead

Cultures of Death: Media, Religion, Bioethics

The Day of the Dead, Halloween, and the Quest for Mexicna National Identity

Democracy. A discussion we will choose to have.

November 10, 2020, 7PM, 2185 LBME

Michigan Events

Bioethics and Democracy

Bioethics and Populism: How Should Our Field Respond?

Crowdsourcing in medical research: concepts and applications

How Democracy Can Inform Consent: Cases of the Internet and Bioethics

The coming administration. A discussion on our (new?) government.

November 24, 2020, 7PM, 2185 LBME

Michigan Events

Three Ways to Politicize Bioethics

Affording Obamacare

Confronting Deep Moral Disagreement: The President’s Council on Bioethics, Moral Status, and Human Embryos

The role of party politics in medical malpractice tort reforms

Annihilation. A discussion on our obliteration.

December 8, 2020, 7PM, 2185 LBME

Michigan Events

Bioethics and the Metaphysics of Death

The Ontological Representation of Death: A Scale to Measure the Idea of Annihilation Versus Passage

The Nonidentity Problem and Bioethics: A Natural Law Perspective

Controversies in the Determination of Death: A White Paper of the President’s Council on Bioethics

The madness of crowds. A discussion on popular delusions.

January 12, 2021, 7PM, 2185 LBME

Michigan Events

The Liverpool Cholera Epidemic of 1 and Anatomical Dissection—Medical Mistrust and Civil Unrest

The Wisdom of Crowds, the Madness of Crowds: Rethinking Peer Review in the Web Era

The Hippocratic Thorn in Bioethics’ Hide: Cults, Sects, and Strangeness

The Importance of Complying with Vaccination Protocols in Developed Countries: “Anti-Vax” Hysteria and the Spread of Severe Preventable Diseases

Population control. A discussion on limiting ourselves.

January 26, 2021, 7PM, 2185 LBME

Michigan Events

Population Control Policies and Fertility Convergence

Contraception and its ethical considerations

Must Growth Doom the Planet?

The Population Control Holocaust

Sex. A discussion on what we do.

February 9, 2021, 7PM, 2185 LBME

Michigan Events

Sex Differences in Institutional Support for Junior Biomedical Researchers

Sex as an important biological variable in biomedical research

Deciding on Gender in Children with Intersex Conditions: Considerations and Controversies

The Use of Sex Robots: A Bioethical Issue

Artificial life. A discussion on new forms.

February, 23, 2021, 7PM, 2185 LBME

Michigan Events

Is the creation of artificial life morally significant?

Why Do We Need Artificial Life?

Artificial Life

The Bioethicist Who Cried “Synthetic Biology”: An Analysis of the Function of Bioterrorism Predictions in Bioethics

Infection. A discussion spreading to others.

March 9, 2021, 7PM, 2186 LBME

Michigan Events

Evidence and Effectiveness in Decision-Making for Quarantine

The 1918 Influenza Pandemic: Insights for the 21st Century

From SARS to Ebola: Legal and Ethical Considerations for Modern Quarantine

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic: Ethical considerations for conducting controlled human infection studies

Accidents. A discussion we were not meant to have.

March 23, 7PM, 2185 LBME

Michigan Events

Defining Failure: The Language, Meaning and Ethics of Medical Error

Taking the blame: appropriate responses to medical error

Medical Error and Moral Luck

When AIs Outperform Doctors: Confronting the Challenges of a Tort-Induced Over-Reliance on Machine Learning

Virtual reality. A discussion like any other?

April 6, 2021, 7PM, 2185 LBME

Michigan Events

Internet-Delivered Health Interventions That Work: Systematic Review of Meta-Analyses and Evaluation of Website Availability

Ethics of Virtual Reality in Medical Education and Licensure

Wearables and the medical revolution

Creating Bioethics Distance Learning Through Virtual Reality

Abdication. A discussion on our renunciation.

April 20, 2021, 7PM, 2185 LBME

Michigan Events

The Idea of Legitimate Authority in the Practice of Medicine

Decentralization of health care systems and health outcomes: Evidence from a natural experiment

Vox Populi or Abdication of Responsibility?: The Influence of the Irish Citizens’ Assemvly on the Public Discourse Regarding Abortion, 2016-2019

Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping the Poor

While people are still allowed on campus, discussions will be held on the front lawn (yellow circle) of Lurie Biomedical Engineering building (build rectangle). Participants will be asked to enter the area via a “welcome desk” (red circle) where there will be hand sanitizer, wipes, etc.with participants masked, at least 12 feet from one another, and speaking through megaphones with one another. In accordance with public health mandates and guidance, participation will be limited to 20 individuals who sign up to participate ahead of time.

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