054. Population control

A discussion on limiting ourselves.

Due to the pandemic, we will meet remotely on Tuesday, January 26 at 7 PM EST (Zoom link here)

Questions to ponder

  1. Who are you and what is a population you consider yourself a part of?
  2. How many people is too many? 
  3. In reference to the above, how/can we say the same for other species? Does overpopulation of a species require a/nother species to “control” it?
  4. What do you estimate the holding population of the human species is?
  5. It is a practical truism that “modernization” and “fertility rates” tend to be inversely proportionate. Do you foresee a time when “civilization” will fail to maintain a higher birth rate than its death rate? 
  6. Is what is happening to the Uighurs “genocide”?
  7. If you could eliminate any one species’ population on planet earth to the overall betterment of conscious creatures, would you and which? If not, what makes you hesitant to assume this kind of “control”?
  8. Some argue that the human species itself accounts for a great deal of ugliness and hurt that abounds in the world. Some argue further that for at least that reason, human beings should voluntarily forgo procreation and march off to oblivion. Are human beings really such vile creatures to need such controlling? Could they ever reach such a point?
  9. Who should control our populations?

Readings to consider