Bioethics Discussion Group, 1.0.0 demographics

The first complete list of everyone I have record of attending a bioethics discussion. The record is still incomplete I have not yet transcribed everyone’s spoken description of themselves. Instead I have relied heavily on MCommunity, which I’ve found to be pretty accurate. When convenient, subtypes within categories have been kept to a minimum for concision. Please do enjoy our first biopsy of this sort.

  • Alumni
  • College of Engineering Staff (Biomedical Engineering; Center for Research in Learning and Teaching; Chemical Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering)
  • College of Engineering Faculty (Biomedical Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Industrial and Operations Engineering; Macromolecular Science and Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering; Mechanical Engineering) 
  • Distinguished Professor
  • Graduate Student Research Assistant
  • Graduate Student Research Instructor
  • Honors Student
  • Hospital Staff (Emergency Medicine)
  • Industry Representatives1 (Chemist; Pharmaceutical Scientist; Research Scientist; Scientific Computing; Science, Technology, and Public Policy)
  • Master’s Student (Biomedical Engineering; Chemical Engineering)
  • Medical School Faculty (General Medicine; Internal Medicine; Orthopaedic Surgery; Urology)
  • Medical School Staff (Radiation Oncology; Radiology; Urology)
  • Medical School Student/Fellow/Resident
  • Non-degree Student
  • Ph.D. Student (Biomedical Engineering; Cognitive Science; Macromolecular Science and Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering; Oral Health Sciences; Philosophy; Physics)
  • Postdoctoral Student/Fellow/Researcher/Research Scientist
  • Rackham Student
  • School of Dentistry Staff
  • School of Kinesiology Faculty
  • School of Law Student
  • School of Pharmacy Student
  • School of Public Health Student
  • Undergraduate Engineering Student (Biomedical Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Computer Science; Electrical Engineering; Industrial and Operations Engineering; Mechanical Engineering)
  • Undergraduate Literature, Science, and Arts Student (Art and Design; Biology; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Economics; Kinesiology; Movement Science; Neuroscience; Organizational Studies; Pharmacy; Physics; Psychology; Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture; Undeclared)
  • University Representatives2 (Biointerfaces Institute; Biointerfaces Research Group; Clinical Simulation Center; College of Engineering; CoE-BME-Coulter Program; College of Pharmacy; Department of Chemistry; International Center; Michigan Dining)


This are the people who have so far been having our discussions. To my eyes, that’s a rather interesting bunch with whom to have conversations on the biomedical frontier. If you’ve got any interest in joining the list, please do consider coming to some discussions in the future.


  1. In that they representatively come said industries, not that they speak on behalf of or represent said industries in their personal capacities.
  2. See previous footnote.