Am I a knight or a knave? / Who are you?

Am I a knight or a knave?

  1. You are a knight.
  2. Knave for sure.
  3. I want to assume a knight, but you could be a knave telling us you’re a knight…
  4. I would say in between because you lied about us being ok on this exam.
  5. [Circled knight.]
  6. That depends. Answer me this: if you were a knave, how would you answer this question?
  7. Knight, I would hope.
  8. Who’s to say?
  9. A knight.
  10. Knight.
  11. I don’t think people can truly be just one. But I do know a few knaves.
  12. A knave.
  13. Cannot be determined.
  14. You are not from that knave and knight island. So you are a traveler.
  15. Knight.
  16. Knight. The class has been difficult but fair. You have let us know what is expected of us.
  17. Knight!
  18. A knight (I hope).
  19. Maybe there’s truly no way of knowing until our final grades come out and we see if what you’ve been saying is true…
  20. I think you’re a knight. I would like to think that the stuff you taught us all term is truthful.
  21. Yes. (From my answer, am I a knight or a knave? Haha.)
  22. I’d say knight…hopefully.
  23. Knight.
  24. Probably both.
  25. Knave.
  26. Will you say that you are a knight a knave? I guess a knight.
  27. You’re a knight and I’m a knight, so I’m telling the truth.
  28. XXX. Although a name could never describe any person’s entire character and life, it is just what you should call me.
  29. Hope you’re a knight or everything I learned would be wrong.
  30. Either.
  31. Depends on the situation as a truth might be worse than a white lie.
  32. Knight.  


Who are you?

  1. I hope I’m a knight or at least I try to be.
  2. I’m a “knight” (see what I did there).
  3. XXX, a simple college student.
  4. Trying to be a knight but usually a knave.
  5. I am XXX, XXX of XXX and XXX from the land of XXX. You are who?
  6. XXX.
  7. Knight!
  8. A knight. Believe me.
  9. Knight. 
  10. Honestly a knight, probably not always a good thing.
  11. A knight.
  12. A small speck in the universe.
  13. This is a deep question. Deeper than simply “knave and knight” I’ll say I’m a human being.
  14. XXX. I am a knight.
  15. I am a knight. I enjoy being candid with people.
  16. Well, of course I’m going to tell you that I’m a knight. Everyone will. 🙂
  17. XXX. Sometimes a knave, sometimes a knight.
  18. My parents always told me I can be whatever and whoever I want to be and I haven’t quite figured that out yet.
  19. I am a knight. Honesty is a virtue.
  20. A knight.
  21. I’d like to think I’m a knight but I don’t think I’m so rigidly consistent. Maybe a squire?
  22. I am a knight.
  23. XXX.
  24. Just a girl trying to be happy.
  25. I’m XXX. I don’t know why those song lyrics popped into my head.
  26. XXX.
  27. XXX.
  28. I suppose we live in a world of analog where we wish to categorize/digitize our world for simplification. Maybe one day this will be possible, but for now we vary in our degrees of knight and knave with knave.
  29. Knight!
  30. Neither.
  31. XXX.
  32. A noble knight.