Again and Again

You will find yourself
Reaching out into that starry starry night
In that darkness between those voids
You will learn something very very true
You don’t matter
And all the things you thought you knew
Are stories that we tell ourselves
So why not love and share a few?

It doesn’t matter how are you try
It doesn’t matter how loud you cry
We’re all circling a cosmic drain
That empties to the universe’s rivers of oblivion
And I can’t wait
To be there with you
Shimmering black pools of nothingness
That meant something to us
That meant so much to us
That spirit running through us
Then disappearing again and

You will lose yourself
To that boundless starry night
Yet piercing that darkness pinpoints of light
Twinkle from afar
Revealing a map
To nowhere in particular
The constellation’s consolation:
Indifference to the path we take

It doesn’t matter where we begin
It doesn’t matter where we end
Where we go is in between
Where we’ve been and the unforeseen
And I can’t wait
To go there with you
As motes of dust afloat slender beams of light
Held in a moment
Still for just a moment
Draw our breath one moment
Then let them go again and

You will be yourself
Through each and every night
So tremble with the candle’s flame
And meet the darkness with light
So that someone somewhere might see that you
Made it this far along
Though brave little flames go out all the time
Their light goes on and on

It really matters that you are here
It’ll really matter when you disappear
Because we are all that we’ve got to give
To one another and receive from each other
And I can’t wait
To share with you
Sometime somewhere in between those starry nights
Before the stars fade
As the dawns break
On the days that
We’re not there
To see.