A new liberalism 3

How do I know the moral arc of history bends toward justice? Because the American people will put their back into it. As they have from Selma to Montgomery, from Earthrise to Seneca Falls, in DC at times. Justice is not always timely nor guaranteed. But it can be worked very hard for. And as that people greatest in liberty – or to such heights we should climb, from such vantages view – I think we ought to work very hard for the ever greater justice, the ever minimized injustice, the steady pursuit of truth. At times this will be a struggle. But again and again I find my fellow compatriots ready to resume that struggle. Ready to put their back into it. The noble life of the good citizen of The Great Society is bettered by the continued, honest, and plain pursuit of justice for all. The ever greater nation requires a people pushing toward ever greater mercy, understanding, peace.