A new liberalism 1

There will be times of resonance. Where waves of history converge, when constructive interference is reaching an unstable maximum. Exceptionally exponentially (decaying?) times such as these cannot go on forever. More than one of these vibrations has led to war to remove ourselves from some thing about us. This thing about us as I have it here, is illiberality. Americans, by and large, do not like this thing about us. The idea of America to Americans has been one of freedom and a place in this world amongst brothers and sisters, peers and equals, to do as one wishes without fear of what others may wish to do. Americans left this thing about us to practice an ever freer faith, one in which the state had no business. Americans fought against this thing about us to governmentally free their citizenry from a congenital tyrant, a fraud by birthright. Americans repelled this thing about us and its bonds of servitude, its shackles of happenstance, its cruel indifference towards fellow Americans. (So backward-facing did this thing about us want to be that it nearly broke America’s spine.) Americans did not let grow that cancer within their body politic as it did in so many others. Yet here we are again at the rise of such a wave. What does it portend?