The Belmont “Lab”

Hello. And welcome to Barry Belmont’s Learning Activities Bararium* (hereinafter, “Lab”). The Belmont Lab is a place where learning happens, is shared, examined, and, if we’re lucky, at least partially understood. I’ve got some sense of the way I’d like engineering education to go and this is my embodiment of that philosophy. In a sense, these are educational experiments that I’ve tried my best at in hopes of someone doing it better in the future. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding any of that, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me:

A big list of research laboratories on campus
The blog: Incidental Art 
Classes this fall! 

ENGR 100, Section 500

Upcoming bioethics discussions (Tuesdays, 7pm, 2185 LBME)

Self, 9/17
Body/modification, 10/1
Body/art, 10/15
Fear, 10/29
Body/politics, 11/12
Cities, 11/26
Antinatalism, 12/10
Others, 1/14
Michigan, 1/28
Love, 2/11
Overpopulation, 2/25
Public health, 3/10
Solitude, 3/24
Responsibility, 4/7
History, 4/24

Upcoming “Let’s Fix Healthcare” Lunches (Thursdays, 11am, 2185 LBME)

09/12. Needs, or: Emphasizing “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”
09/19. Wants, or: Desiring health/care.
09/26. Rights, or: Owing to our nature, what nature owes us.
10/03. Laws, or: Drawing the boundaries of health/care. 
10/10. Taxes, or: Spreading the wealth, spreading the health.
10/17. Distributions of persons and resources, or: Assessing the reality of the situation. 
10/24. Infrastructures, or: Optimizing the reality of the situation.
10/31. Security of persons and resources, or: Protecting ourselves and others.
11/07. Security of infrastructures, or: Protecting what protects us.
11/14. Health records, or: Tracking our biomedical histories.
11/21. Incidents and their consequences, or: What comes of harm?
12/05. Justice, or: Applying tenets to all, for all, by all.
12/12. A murderboard, or: A proposal.

Upcoming BIONIC Lunches (Tuesdays, 12pm, NCRC B10)

09/24. The Quantified Self (G065)
10/22. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (G065)
11/19. Precision Health (G065)
12/17. Death Positivity (ACR1)
01/21. I. Health Research Funding (ACR1)
02/18. II. Model-to-Model Transitions (ACR1)
03/24. III. Medical Entrepreneurship (ACR1)
04/21. IV. Translational Research (G065)


What I try to do

I believe in the development of well-rounded engineers. May no engineer go to their grave having never read a poem, a datasheet, or a patent application. To that end, I try to create as many learning opportunities as I can for all the (seriously, wickedly) smart people surrounding me – such as bioethical discussions and advanced instrumentation lectures – and vicariously benefit from learning even more from them. 


Why I try to do it

My philosophy: The world could stand to think a little bit more about itself and where it’s heading. We have a brilliant generation of engineers coming up and they’ve got ideas about how they want that world to look and they want the skills to make it look that way. We’ve got to equip them with these and many others. And I think I can help.